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  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • Pay Off
  • Pay Off
  • Pay Off
  • Pay Off

Pay Off

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"Pay Off" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK

If you want to smell the flowers, grab a pail and start watering.

Once there was a ladybug named Lola. She had recently moved to a new garden and was struggling to settle in. It was a fine place to live and it was bigger than her last one, but she missed her old home. She missed her favorite yellow flowers, the way they smelled and reached up to the sky on sunny days.

Every morning Lola looked out over her new garden and didn't see the yellow flowers, she got sad. And that's no way to start a day! If only she had those flowers, it would feel like home.

One morning when she was looking and longing, Lola decided to take action. Now, carrying so many flowers from one garden to another is too much for one little ladybug. But seeds are the perfect size to carry!

So Lola flew all the way back to her old garden for the seeds. It was a long flight and her wings were tied, but every time she imagined those yellow flowers in her new home it gave her strength.

After she planted the seeds, Lola didn't look at her new home the same way. Now, instead of looking out over her garden and missing her favorite yellow flowers every morning, she would wake up and water the seeds.

It was hard work—after all, a pail of water is much heavier than a seed—but Lola was determined to bring them to life. Even though the flowers weren't growing yet, she knew her efforts were going to pay off.

She watered them every day for weeks. Then, one by one, little by little, the yellow flowers poked their way through the dirt and bloomed!

Lola loved having them in her new garden and spent hours flying around them, savoring the fruits of her labor. On sunny days they reached up to the sky and smelled just like her old home. From then on, she woke up happy every morning—the perfect way to start the day!

"Pay Off" original canvas wall artwork from Ikonick Kids illustrates an important lesson for children to learn. Sometimes the best things in life take a lot of work and time. Stay patient. Even if we don't see the flowers at first, we must keep watering. Once they grow, all the effort is worth it.


ECO-Friendly & High Resolution

  • UL ECOLOGO & UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified 1 Water-based HP latex Inks
  • Acid Free, Archival Quality Giclée Print Process
  • Industry-Recognized standard for High-Quality Canvas Art

Vibrant, Damage Resistant Canvas

  • 100% Polyester with matte finished wrap
  • Fade, Tear, Water, Scratch, and Warp Resistant

Durable Frames

  • Eco-Friendly MDF Composite Wood Frames
  • 100% Real Pine for Large Size Canvases (i.e. 60x30, 40x60)
  • Finger Jointed Reinforced Frames


  • All Canvas Art arrive w/ Sawtooth Hanger
  • Just Unwrap and Hang right out of the box

Handmade in the USA

  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials
  • US 7-10 Business Days Shipping
  • Canada 10-15 Business Days Shipping
  • EU 8-15 Business Days Shipping
  • Rest of the World 12 - 18 Business Days Shipping

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