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"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
"Most Things" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK
Most Things
Most Things
Most Things
Most Things

Most Things

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Most Things Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK

There are those who talk about their goals, and then there are those who actively pursue them.

Woody Allen was often quoted saying, "80% of success in life is just showing up." Once you commit to something and put in the work every day, you put yourself ahead of all the talkers. Think about all the would-be writers, typing away in any given Starbucks. They tell their friends about their plans to write the next great novel or play, but fear of critique paralyzes them into edit after edit, never attempting to publish a final manuscript.

For some, that limbo is an inescapable trap. There's comfort in working toward the goal. And never taking it across the finish line means they'll never hear any criticism about the result. But they'll never accomplish it either.

Ambition is a great fuel, but you need an engine to burn it. Otherwise, it’s just talk. A goal is worth nothing on its own. You have to walk the walk.

Psychologists have proven that humans don't make decisions based on logic and reason. Instead, we act based on emotions and use logic to rationalize the decision after the fact. For example, someone might decide to pass up an opportunity to go into business with a friend starting their own company. They might cite reasons of an unstable market and an uncertain future, but really it was the initial fear of taking the risk that informed the decision. The rest is post-rationalization.

What would you attempt if you weren't afraid of failing?

Most people don't like to admit they live with fear, but after thinking about that question, it's clear how limiting a factor it is. If you aren't currently living your dream life, it's likely because fear is preventing you from taking the leap and going for it.

Fear of failure, fear of putting in the work, fear of judgment from others... Whatever reason is behind the hesitation, when you let an external factor stop you from attempting a goal, you give up control over your own life.

"Most Things" original canvas wall artwork from IKONICK is a warning not to end up like the talkers. If there's something you want out of life, you have to actively pursue it. This abstract piece instills that message every time you look at it. The only thing that comes to you without effort is regret. Make the attempt and you are infinitely more likely to achieve the result.


ECO-Friendly & High Resolution

  • UL ECOLOGO & UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified 1 Water-based HP latex Inks
  • Acid Free, Archival Quality Giclée Print Process
  • Industry-Recognized standard for High-Quality Canvas Art

Vibrant, Damage Resistant Canvas

  • 100% Polyester with matte finished wrap
  • Fade, Tear, Water, Scratch, and Warp Resistant

Durable Frames

  • Eco-Friendly MDF Composite Wood Frames
  • 100% Real Pine for Large Size Canvases (i.e. 60x30, 40x60)
  • Finger Jointed Reinforced Frames


  • All Canvas Art arrive w/ Sawtooth Hanger
  • Just Unwrap and Hang right out of the box

Handmade in the USA

  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials
  • US 7-10 Business Days Shipping
  • Canada 10-15 Business Days Shipping
  • EU 8-15 Business Days Shipping
  • Rest of the World 12 - 18 Business Days Shipping

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