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  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • "Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK
  • Brother Resume
  • Brother Resume
  • Brother Resume
  • Brother Resume

Brother Resume

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"Brother Resume" Kids Canvas Art by IKONICK

Once there was a cat who lived with his loving human. He had a windowsill to sunbathe on and every day he got a can of yummy tuna to eat. It was the perfect life!

Then one day he gained a brother. The cat worried how his own life was going to change with the new addition to the family. Would his human spend less time with him now? Would he have to share his yummy tuna?

But his human seemed to love the new cat, so he decided to give his new sibling a chance. And what better way to see if they would get along, than to spend all day adventuring with him?

In the house was a potted plant that reached to the top of a bookcase. Climbing it was off limits, but cats are mischievous by nature. Besides, the top of the bookcase was the perfect place for a cat nap!

Little Brother climbed first. Small and nimble, he made it to the top in no time. But Big Brother was larger and heavier, and halfway up the plant tipped over, spilling dirt all over the floor. Whoops!

When their human came in to see what the noise was, she wanted to know which one of them did it. But Little Brother kept quiet. Not even a meow. They were safe from trouble!

So the two cats kept playing.

They went upstairs to build a fort out of blankets and pillows, and with Little Brother's help, they created a pillowy palace bigger than Big Brother had ever made alone. Two heads are better than one, and eight paws are better than four!

As the two cats purred in their fort, Big Brother realized his worries were completely wrong. This new cat wasn't a problem—he was a brother! From then on, both cats had an adventure partner for life.

See, a brother is more than a friend. A brother is someone who looks out for you, who you can trust, and who is with you through the good times and the bad. They are your partner in crime, your keeper of secrets, and someone to build forts with.

With brothers, the love is there to stay. "Brother Resume" original kids canvas wall artwork shows your little one how important brothers are. Hang this piece in their playroom or bedroom and spread the sibling love!


ECO-Friendly & High Resolution

  • UL ECOLOGO & UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified 1 Water-based HP latex Inks
  • Acid Free, Archival Quality Giclée Print Process
  • Industry-Recognized standard for High-Quality Canvas Art

Vibrant, Damage Resistant Canvas

  • 100% Polyester with matte finished wrap
  • Fade, Tear, Water, Scratch, and Warp Resistant

Durable Frames

  • Eco-Friendly MDF Composite Wood Frames
  • 100% Real Pine for Large Size Canvases (i.e. 60x30, 40x60)
  • Finger Jointed Reinforced Frames


  • All Canvas Art arrive w/ Sawtooth Hanger
  • Just Unwrap and Hang right out of the box

Handmade in the USA

  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials
  • US 7-10 Business Days Shipping
  • Canada 10-15 Business Days Shipping
  • EU 8-15 Business Days Shipping
  • Rest of the World 12 - 18 Business Days Shipping

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