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The Blank Canvas Podcast

From Grammy nominee rappers to real estate moguls, IKONICK Co-founders Mark Mastrandrea & Jeff Cole sit down with entrepreneurs of all walks of life to find out how they reached success and what it took to get there. The Blank Canvas Podcast was created to motivate and inspire you by telling stories of great humans. 100% unfiltered. 100% value-driven.

Latest Episodes

OCT 11, 2020

Never Needing a Vacation & Optimizing Business Life w/ Founder of Rastaclat Daniel Kasidi | IKONICK Blank Canvas #23

Today we have on Daniel Kasidi, founder of Rastaclat an innovative bracelet that stands for positivity & doing good for yourself and others. We talk about what it's like on Richard Branson's Necker Island, cease & desists, and his favorite book Sapiens. We jump into how covid has changed our perspectives, moving out of LA, and why he picked "Feed Your Focus" as his favorite IKONICK piece.

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OCT 4, 2020

Strategizing Your Youth & Aiming for Massive Goals w/ Steven Borrelli | IKONICK Blank Canvas #22

Today’s episode is meant to inspire you to reconsider how big your goals are. Starting from selling apples & being a former baseball umpire, Steven Borelli walks us through his journey of building Cuts Clothing. We get right into his vision to turn his brand into a One Billion Dollar brand known for the most comfortable shirt in the world. We go deep into starting a clothing brand from his basement, the importance of doing what’s right by the customer, strategizing your 20s for success, and why he picked “Cards Your Dealt” as his favorite IKONICK piece.

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Sep 6, 2020

Balancing Business & Making An Impact w/ Dr. Shawn Dill | IKONICK Blank Canvas #21

Today we have on someone disrupting a space run by old tactics Dr. Shawn Dill, Chiropractor, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur. We touch on his journey of finding white-space in a market, the importance of communication, his perspective on money, giving back, and why he thinks business problems are actually personal problems in disguise. We end the episode with why he picked “Rubberband Racks” as his favorite IKONICK piece.

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AUG 9, 2020

Our Old Partner/Boss Brian McDonell comes on to talk Mindset & Growing a Brand | IKONICK Blank Canvas #20

Today’s episode we have on Melin Co-founder Brian McDonell, our old business partner/boss.  We talk about touring the U.S together, almost getting killed in a Walmart parking lot in Atlanta, how he helped blow up the iconic MMA Brand Tapout, and why he chose “Mindset - Open Book” as his Favorite IKONICK piece. Near the end of the episode we mend an old score and Mark gets tattooed by famous tattoo artist Franco Vescovi. Enjoy!

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JUL 20, 2020

Turning Creativity & Attitude into a Business w/ Sophia Hodes | IKONICK Blank Canvas #19

Today’s episode is Los Angeles born and bred, entrepreneur / creative, Sophia Hodes! We’re gonna talk about why she picked “Act Your Wage” as her favorite IKONICK piece, what it’s like being a creative getting into business and how a run in with Blac Chyna ended up being the turning point in jump starting her high end LA brand, ‘Sophodes’. Hope you guys enjoy!

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JUL 13, 2020

From Immigrant to $340 Million: Ilya Pozin’s Calculated Guide for Entrepreneurs | IKONICK Blank Canvas #18

A Russian immigrant with two 7 figure exits, followed by a recent 340 million dollar exit. This episode highlights Pluto TV co-founder Ilya Pozin, the poster child for the American Dream. We go deep into the importance of self-awareness as an operator, curiosity, and why he chose “Chess Not Checkers” as his favorite IKONICK Piece.

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JUN 29, 2020

Tallywood on the Importance of Relationships & Giving Value First | IKONICK Blank Canvas #17

Today’s episode features one of the most connected individuals that we know. We have on Creative Director of the Palms Hotel & Casino, Tal Cooperman, aka Tallywood. We’ll talk about growing up in Israel, the keys to networking, and his relationship with Linkin Park. We’re also going to go in depth as to why he picked ‘Ingredients To Success’ as his favorite IKONICK piece. Enjoy!

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JUN 21, 2020

What it Takes to Build A Real Brand: Pink Dolphin’s 12 year Rise | IKONICK Blank Canvas #16

Pizza Maker, Water Park Employee, Stock Boy at Macy’s, college dropout, turned to successful businessman. Our guest today is Cena Barhaghi co-founder of streetwear brand, Pink Dolphin. We’re going to go deep into the origins of the brand, the impact, of celebrity endorsement, and why he Picked “Super Success” as his favorite IKONICK piece. Enjoy!

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JUN 21, 2020

Making Money in Brand: Leveraging Relationships & Flipping Fashion w/ Chris Ngo | IKONICK Blank Canvas #15

No filter on this episode. We have on Chris Ngo founder of the Leverage Showroom a vertical fashion house that owns, operates, manufactures, and distributes a bunch of household brands. Born in Thailand, he came to the US with little to nothing & transformed himself into a successful brand rep, father, and entrepreneur. We went deep into the value of relationships, how to leverage licensing deals, and why he chose “Secure the Bag” as his favorite IKONICK piece.

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JUN 16, 2020

Leaving a Mark on Culture: Aaron Levant Reflects on Building Agenda Tradeshow | IKONICK Blank Canvas #14

Today we have on one of the biggest names to ever disrupt the trade show space, Aaron Levant. Aaron is one of the founders of the iconic streetwear trade show, Agenda. From being dyslexic and a dropout since 4th grade to eventually overseeing events for Reed Exhibitions which puts on events like Complex Con. We discuss his first trade show, leveraging connections, his new project NTWRK and why after all his success he picked “Passport” as his favorite IKONICK piece. The workaholics will love this episode!

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JUN 7, 2020

The Creative Process Of A High End Event Designer w/ Melissa Andre | IKONICK Blank Canvas #13

From Drake to Future, Google, GQ, Reebok, & Instagram…These are just some of her clients. Today’s guest is the owner of Melissa Andre events, Creative Director & Event Designer, Melissa Andre. On this episode we went through her greatest wedding advice, her creative process, how her project with Drake came to be, her perspective on entrepreneurship, and why she picked “Arrivals” as her favorite IKONICK Piece. If you know absolutely nothing about weddings or want to know more this is a must listen. Enjoy!

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MAY 24, 2020

A Billion in Real Estate Sales: Kevion Elevates your Personal Life in One Hour | IKONICK Blank Canvas #12

Today’s guest is someone that has sold over a Billion in real estate volume, Kevion. High school dropout turned entrepreneur, life coach, and an over 20 year real-estate salesman. Today we talk about why he chose “Go” from the Monopoly Collection as his favorite IKONICK piece, optimizing the 7 areas of your life, and the mindset he had to climb out of during his darkest moments with his family and financial welfare.

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MAY 17, 2020

Matt Komo's Advice on Branding & Storytelling in a Content World | IKONICK Blank Canvas #11

If you are a content creator you’re going to love this episode. We have on former head of social content at Go-Pro, now successful filmmaker, Matt Komo! We’re going to talk about why he picked “Keep Going” as his favorite IKONICK piece, his time in film school, the importance of personal branding, and some great practical advice for any content creator looking for exposure.

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MAY 11, 2020

Trevor Wallace on Building an Online Presence | IKONICK Blank Canvas #10

Today's episode we have on comedian and online personality Trevor Wallace! And we're going to talk about why he picked "Never Look Back" as his favorite IKONICK piece! We'll talk about his mindset when he had zero followers, the birth of the famous Zumiez employee, and the importance of understanding trends as a means to grow your brand! He had us cracking up and dropped a ton of gems! Enjoy!

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MAY 4, 2020

What it Takes to Build Something Special: George Heaton talks High End Streetwear & Leadership | IKONICK Blank Canvas #9

We have on UK born George Heaton co-founder of emerging fashion brand Represent. This is an inspiring story fueled by self-education and hard work. We’re gonna discuss why he picked "Boss VS Leader" as his favorite IKONICK piece, the importance of partnerships, and how growing up cleaning busses taught him how to grind.

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APR 26, 2020

2020 Social Growth & Mental Hacks for a Fulfilling Life w/ Eliot of @dunk | IKONICK Blank Canvas #8

Today's episode is a completely different type of guest. He's 22 years old, brash, but one of the more emotionally intelligent social media hackers we know. We have on Eliot, formerly on Team Gary Vee, a young growth marketer that grew his Instagram account @dunk to over 2 million followers. we're going to talk about why he chose "The Sailor" as his favorite Ikonick piece, Tik Tok, what it's like working for Gary, and some great tactical advice on how to grow your social footprint.

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APR 19, 2020

$200 Million Raised: How a True Operator Defines Happiness w/ Bill Glaser | IKONICK Blank Canvas #7

From being bullied as a kid to raising over 200 Million dollars including two $100 Million dollar exits... Bill Glaser is our guest today. We went deep on why he picked "Happiness - Open Book" as his favorite IKONICK Piece, life as a vegan, some crazy failure stories, his rules to raising money, and how a celebrity partnership can propel your brand to the next level. Enjoy!

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APR 12, 2020

Bieber's Personal Videographer Rory Kramer breaks down Fear & How to Excel in a Creative Career | IKONICK Blank Canvas #6

Our guest today is Rory Kramer, and how he climbed the ranks in the content game. From completely lost with no “real” job to over 500 million views on an Avicii music video. He drops a bunch of crazy stories about Justin Bieber, and the night The Chainsmokers met Bieber. This guy is one of our favorite videographers, a psycho we watched jump off a cliff in Hawaii, and a great human. Listen in on Rory’s advice on fear & anxiety, and why he chose “Fear Is Only Skin Deep” as his favorite piece. Enjoy!

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APR 5, 2020

Homelessness to Nationwide Retail: How Samii Ryan Monetized her Online Influence into 640 Zumiez Stores | IKONICK Blank Canvas #5

You might know her as a model, influencer or entrepreneur but before it all she was homeless living in Pennsylvania. Today’s guest is Samii Ryan, creator of BySamiiRyan, a lifestyle brand currently in 640 Zumiez stores nationwide. This episode we talk about how celebrities ignited her brand, how her upbringing shaped her as an entrepreneur, and why she chose “Success is the Best Revenge” as her favorite IKONICK piece.

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MAR 28, 2020

Trinidad James on Work Ethic, his Immigrant Mentality, and Betting on the 1%. | IKONICK Blank Canvas #4

For today's episode of IKONICK's Blank Canvas Podcast, we have a guy that can't be boxed into any one title, Trinidad James. We will talk about his humble beginnings in the Caribbean, his smash rap hit, "All Gold Everything", his smash show "Full Size Run", and all things fashion, rap, & sneakers in Atlanta. This is a true American Dream story about hard work, patience, & figuring it out on your own. Stick around to hear why he picked "Do Sh*t You Love" as his favorite IKONICK piece. Hope you guys enjoy!

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MAR 22, 2020

NYT Best Selling Author Tucker Max Unleashes all his Life Hacks From Business & Fame to Women & Branding | IKONICK Blank Canvas #3

There are only 4 authors ever to have 3 books simultaneously on a NYT bestsellers list, one which was iconic, "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell". Super-amped to have Tucker Max on today's episode of IKONICK's Blank Canvas Podcast. We'll go in-depth about hacking the modern school system, insights from therapy, his insane stories with women & fame, and why he picks "No Pressure No Diamonds" as his favorite IKONICK piece. This episode is packed with value and it's going to have you dying of laughter. Enjoy!

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MAR 15, 2020

$100m to $0: David Meltzer Explains the Blueprint to Pure Entrepreneurship | IKONICK Blank Canvas #2

A hundred million dollars in net worth, down to zero and back up again. In today's episode of IKONICK's Blank Canvas Podcast, we have serial entrepreneur and overall mindset guru, David Meltzer. We're going to talk about why he picks "Get 1% Better Everyday” as his favorite IKONICK piece. We'll talk about what it was like growing up with a single mom, becoming a millionaire at 24, and his Mount Rushmore of top entrepreneurs in the world. This episode was one of our favorites. Enjoy!

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MAR 9, 2020

Ja Rule Obliterates the Rumors on Fyre Fest & Opens Up about his Career | IKONICK Blank Canvas #1

Welcome to the first episode of the IKONICK Blank Canvas Podcast. Our first guest is the four-time Grammy nominee, singer and songwriter, Ja Rule. We're going to talk about what's it like growing up in Queens, New York, going to jail, why he picks "Success" as his favorite IKONICK piece, and the real story behind Fyre Fest.

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Mark & Cole are the real deal!

"I’m super excited for this podcast! Mark has been a mentor to me over the last two years and it’s been amazing to learn from him. Every time we meet up and have a conversation he truly opens my mind up to a new way of thinking. He’s one of the smartest people I know, and he’s brought so much value into my life. I’m excited to tune into this podcast and make it one of my top podcasts that I listen to. Thank you so much Mark & Cole for everything you do!"

by Casey Adams on 28 May 2020

Awesome Podcast!

"These guys give it to you real. Such a great platform for young entrepreneurs."

by Mike D Gray on 28 May 2020

A must listen

"Mark and Jeff have a dynamic synergy while interviewing people of success. The best part is, they don’t beat around the bush and they ask the real questions everyone wants to know! Especially in episode one, savage haha. Being able to get an inside look and the interviewees perspective opens the floodgates of value. Highly recommend!"

by Brandon Poliszuk on 26 May 2020

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