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Paws Series

There is a lot to be learned from dogs if you're paying attention.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Dog people and people who have never met a dog. 

Dogs are with us at our best and love us at our worst. They can sense when we're sad and comfort us, they get us outside, walking around in the fresh air, and they stick by our side like a shadow with a permanent smile.

Dogs have it all figured out. They sleep most of the day, they never have to pay for a meal, and they get all the scratches they want. Arguably one the happiest animals on earth (runner-up being dolphins, of course), we wanted to get to the bottom of what makes dogs so smiley all the time.

So we interviewed dozens of dogs around the country to hear what pieces of wisdom they had to help human kids be as happy as a puppy in play. Most of the pooches just looked at us, confused, but there were a few golden nuggets worth passing along:

From Chester, the happiest golden retriever in Boise: "If you are going for a swim, don't dip your toes in first—jump in with all four paws!"

From Ozzy, a Labrador in Portland: "Stay close to the ones you love. It is way too hard to scratch your own belly..."

From Olivia, a Dachshund in Washington D.C. "Always be on your best behavior. You never know when you will be rewarded with a treat!"

You don't need to have a dog of your own to appreciate all that they have to teach us. Spend any time with one and you will start to notice lessons we humans can learn from our canine companions. From the simple ones: stretch often, rest whenever you can, hydrate well—to the more profound ones, such as love selflessly, never turn down an adventure, and do everything wholeheartedly. 

The Paws Collection brings the wisdom of our faithful furry friends to your little one's room, play space, or wherever else they can use some daily inspiration to live enthusiastically. The pieces' mottos and heartwarming images emit positivity right off the wall. "Enjoy the Little Things." "Best Day Ever." "Go Exploring." These lessons will help your kid embrace the unbridled joy dogs live with every day.

There is a lot to be learned from dogs if yo...Read more

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