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Success Is An Iceberg

When you see an iceberg floating in the ocean, you’re only seeing a very small portion of the entire chunk of ice that is submerged below the surface. There is a theory called “The Iceberg Theory of Success”. It uses an iceberg as an analogy for what it takes to be successful. People love to discredit those who are successful. And it is easy to do when you are only seeing a tiny fraction of the amount of work, time, and energy it takes to get to the peak of your success. So, while everyone is only seeing the fruits of all your hard work, all the determination, disappointment, sacrifice, failures, good habits, and dedication are hardly made aware. If you think of success as the tip of the iceberg - the thing that is floating in the sea, visible for all to see. The rest of the piece - the chunk that holds the tip (the success everyone sees) - is below the surface, completely invisible to everyone. 
Titanic is a great example of what happens when all you see is the tip of an iceberg. The giant ship hit the enormous iceberg under the surface when only a tiny piece was seen by the ship’s crew. Thinking about how enormous that iceberg must have been to sink the Titanic, shows exactly what it is meant when you say success is like an iceberg.

Origins of Success 

Success is a widely interpreted term. That is because success looks widely different for every single person. Regardless of what success looks like to you, there is one thing that everyone has in common when it comes to success. And that is all the determination, hard work, and grit it takes to get to your definition of success.
Why would someone want to be successful? Humans are natural dreamers. And when you are a dreamer, you are seeking something better than what you have. A better life. You are striving for success. Combining all the ambitious characteristics it takes to be successful with high to reach dreams gives you the biggest and best advantage of reaching your goals. Additionally, a daily reminder and powerful mantra could be the missing link in giving you the success you dream of. What better way to remind you than with a large art piece that perfectly depicts the Theory of Success.  
 "Success" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK

Iceberg Success 

The idea behind iceberg success is a good reminder to keep pushing and striving for your best day in and day out.  It takes days, months, years of work to get to your goal destination. “Achievements and success often blind us so that we often are not even aware of the huge efforts that were necessary to make these outcomes possible.” Katelyn Davis wrote in her article about The Iceberg Theory of Success and how to drive success. 
She goes on to say, “The “Iceberg Theory of Success” helps us to realize that every successful person had to invest a lot of effort and hard work to achieve their goals and success. All the efforts of a successful person lie beneath the surface and can sometimes be difficult to understand or achieve…So remember next time you strive to greatness, a successful outcome is only a small portion of the full story. Success only comes from the hard work and effort that lies beneath the surface.”

Iceberg on IKONICK

When it comes to giving you the best and most aesthetically pleasing reminder to continue that grit, IKONICK has the best Iceberg Success canvas piece. The simplicity in art is also what gives it power. Even though the reason behind the success is hidden on the surface, there is no special secret. It is time spent. It is the energy given. The sacrifices. The failures.  
These simple, yet key ingredients make up the visibly beautiful shiny tip of a mostly submerged huge iceberg of success. IKONICK’s iceberg piece is the perfect example of what The Iceberg Theory of Success would look like in an artistic form. It is a picture of a huge iceberg with a tiny piece of it visible about the ocean with the word “success” on it. And below the surface is 90% of the iceberg with the words hard work, persistence, late nights, rejections, sacrifices, discipline, criticisms, doubts, failure, and risks written on it.
This group of words gives a feeling of power and inspiration. It motivates us to reach the top. To reach the dreams of success. When deciding which art piece to use to help you remember what it takes to be successful, look no further than IKONICK’s popular iceberg success piece. It is the perfect addition to any wall in your office or home. Never forget that the success you see is only a tiny fraction of what goes on to get there. Stay focused. Keep pushing.
 "Success" Inspirational Canvas Art by IKONICK
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