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Strange Facts about the American Dollar Bill

We have an extensive money collection in which we apply modern artistic concepts to your favorite Benjamins. However, your singles are a lot more fascinating than you may think.

The $1 bill, what is it really worth? About 70 years ago, the dollar bill was worth 10 U.S. dollars in today's currency. Here are a few others facts that may surprise you.



Martha who?

The original First Lady, Mrs. Washington was presented on the first $1 “silver certificate” one of the first revisions of the dollar. In today’s money, if you come across such a bill, keep it! This $1 branded with Martha could pay your rent, or maybe your car insurance. That’s right, this old dollar bill converts to $1,000 in today’s currency market.

It's a classic.

In the past decade or so, the $1 bill has not changed since the 60’s. Though the $5, the $10, $20, and the $50 have yet to commit to one design. Apparently, the reason for this is that people don’t find it useful to counterfeit ones (so if you’re looking to get into fake money, master George’s bill).


Ever notice that the one dollar bill contains a Latin phrase above and below its pyramid? Bet you’re going to look for them now, so if you are, here are their translations.

“Annuit Coeptis” = “He favors our undertaking”

“Novus ordo seclorum” = “New order of the ages”

Even back in the day, people took the whole manifesting destiny idea pretty seriously.

Enemies of the Dollar.

Anyone remember when the dollar bill was attempted to be replaced by a coin? No, yes, maybe? Back in 2012, Senator John McCain and Tom Harkin tried doing just that. It was in the country’s best interest, however, before you ask “why would they do that?” $13.8 billion is how much the USA would have saved by using coins, but we love the dollar too much to ever give it up. Keep hustling Dollar!

The founding fathers.

You haven’t done so already to check out all these mysteries on the dollar, you might now. Not only does the pyramid have secret sayings, but the little steps on the side of it represents the original colonies (also why the structure appears unfinished). The fathers kept the pyramid this way as a representation of our ever-changing country.  

They were unfortunately right.

Money is actually made out of paper. Thus it does not, in fact, grow on trees. We call it paper money because it feels like it. Reality is that it’s a blend of 75% cotton and 25% linen. So you’re better off using your dryer lint to make money than chopping down a cherry tree like Washington.

What’s in your wallet?

They say the dollar is the least counterfeited bill, but with 11.7 billion dollars floating around, they might want to retest that statistic. While the $5 only has 2.8 billion recorded in circulation.

They’re dirty little things!

Since researchers need something to do, they decided to find out what is crawling around on your hard-earned dollars. After this, you might just want to stick with your debit. After testing 64 dollar bills, 94% of them came back with bacteria present.

Keep reading at your own risk, I’m about to reveal how dirty your ones are.

Of the bacteria present, some of them can cause many infections including pneumonia. If that’s not enough to gross you out, your dollar bill is also quite the drug distributor. CNN reported 90% of U.S. money holding traces of cocaine! But cities such as Hollywood-central Los Angeles, spring break Miami, and repping hard Detroit, had all of their currencies pop positive for cocaine. Keeping it 100%.

Where have you been?

Want to know where your dollar has been? Check out the website  Where’s George, where you enter the serial number off your dollar to check out where it’s traveled. This actually a thing, 270 million bills have already been registered!

If you're a huge fan of the Benjamins, pick up Evidence today!

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