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Special Delivery - Millionaire Mentor

Jason Stone A.K.A. “The Millionaire Mentor” is a new age in the digital marketing industry with one of the most prominent Instagram networks in the world. Catch Part 1 of the leading pop art brand’s special delivery for Stone and his family in Miami, here. A collaboration of hustlers featuring the videographer work of Kyle McKenzie with the direction/Exec. Production from Mark Brazil and Jeff Cole.

Stone has cemented his presence as a social media influencer and marketer. Of course, the man has many talents, including his e-commerce success in the automotive industry with Treadstone Performance Engineering, Inc. His love for cars is apparent within the first second of the motivational video. You know, pulling up in a Lambo is always a subtle attention grabber.

As an Instagram guru, Stone recognized that there is potential to do big things within the platform. Sure is a fun app to pass the time, but it is also a feeding ground for entrepreneurship. Not just for fun, the app created an atmosphere you can develop yourself into an influencer, grow a business, flow with creativity even. Stone just happens to be one of those that capitalized on the Instagram market turning it into a 6-7 figure business. He saw an opportunity and sure as hell seized. That is what separates the 97% percent from the 3%. 


"Never Gave Up" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK


Co-founding the Impact Billions Movement, Stone conceived Gentlemen’s Mafia Instagram which has become a source for its members to network and culminates relationships that aid in mutual successes for everyone. As an influencer himself makes sense, Ikonick’s Inspiration collection of artwork attracts this group of people. Hustlers keep on hustling, which leads them to draw like-minded people to surround themselves. In this case, as the video highlights, the constant reminder to keep grinding decorates the walls of Stone’s Miami mansion. Not a bad goal to work towards, seeing as we all grow ourselves from the roots.

Speaking of like-minded people, if you care to see more of “The Millionaire Mentor,” check out who’s in his Rolodex of buddies. The video featured here (Millionaire Mentor ft. Jason Stone: Episode Seven), catches both entrepreneurial kings Gerard Adams and Stone in the same place. Adams also recognizes the importance of surrounding yourself with positivity. You can read that blog post over here. Watching these guys have fun with all the success they have worked up towards is inspirational enough.

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