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We recently collaborated with SOPHODES, a high end, contemporary boutique lifestyle brand. The ending result became an influential, innovative, and progressive female-forward collection.

SOPHODES is reinventing a limitless approach to fashion under Sophia Hodes vision. Just like her clothing line, the canvases in the collab express each and everyone's individual wild style.

But who is the fearless designer behind the brand? To promote this collaboration, we sat down with Hodes to find out the full story. But these are just the highlights, check out the full interview here!


Q: How did you meet IKONICK co-founders, Mark and Jeff?

A: “In Miami, I went for Art Basel and met up with my friend Luis. He’s like, we’re going to my friend's gallery, so I went. I met Jeff when he complimented my jacket, which he actually put on his story. Then I met Mark and then it just went all downhill from there, but uphill, you know! Miami was the best time, and then we started from there, this collab.

-- What did he say?”

Q: We heard there were clubs involved…

A: “Oh you want me to get intricate?”

Q: Yea, was Mark doing anything weird?

A: “Are you crazy? I have videos, ok. You don’t understand.”

Taking a moment to laugh, Sophia gears up to give us the PG-13 version of the story.

“E11EVEN the strip club, my favorite place, let me tell you. Oh my god…”

Q: Ha, no holding back. They’re going to approve everything that goes on so, just expose them.

A: “We were in an elevator once. You know how you can lean against a wall to hold yourself up? Jeff came and sat on me and then Tori sat on him. So basically, I’m about to die. I had no idea who they were and they had no idea who I was.

Then after Miami, they were like, ‘yo let’s do something.’ I was like, YEAH! They are like brothers to me, they’re good peeps.”

Q: What inspires you?

A: “Being able to make my visions come to life and inspiring others is what inspires me. For women, they think that they have to look a certain way, act a certain way to make it and that is not the case. So many people have a talent and passion, but they do not move forward with it because they are scared. They are scared of failure. Women empowerment is a big thing for me.

And music, oh my god lyrics. I would not be able to work without it.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: “I’m definitely going to have my own denim line. Um, do you know who Sophia Amoruso is? She was the CEO of Nasty Girl. Her story and mine are very similar. She inspired a lot of girls like she created the term ‘Girl Boss’. I myself with other clothing lines. And running a billion-dollar company, BOOM! There you go, that’s where I see myself.

But most importantly happy. I’m happy now, I want to stay happy forever and still doing what I love. I know I will get to a point where I won’t have to literally sit on my floor and paint, but I like to do it. From my mouth to God’s ears.”

We thank Sophia Hodes, the designer behind SOPHODES for taking the time to open up about her brand. You can check out the currently dropped pieces here, but make sure to check back as we continue to leak the rest of the collection!  

Get the first of the collection below:

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