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Rory Kramer x IKONICK

Meet Rory Kramer

He tours the world with top tier musicians and influencers, all while documenting and telling stories through his own lens.

He’s worked with and befriended icons like Justin Bieber, AVICII, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Kanye West and more.

I put my damn time in. I didn’t buy a camera and start touring the world with musicians and get to do all these cool things instantly. I put my damn time in because I wanted it,” Rory says.

When he was young, his father lit a fire that stoked into an inferno. He motivated Rory to find his passions while making his mark. Slowly creating the work ethic that has propelled him to where he is today. He eventually moved from Indiana to California to pursue his artistic dreams.

He’s an enthusiastic adrenaline junkie. With plenty of creativity and a love for the outdoors, his videos are extremely captivating.

How He Became Successful

Since the age of fifteen, he’s been making videos. A personal passion. It was a creative expression that came with clear natural talent. Although he was working a typical job at the time, he was making and perfecting his craft.

Eventually, at the age of thirty, AVICII approached him to film a music video for “The Nights.” The music video, which now has over 500 million views on YouTube, is mostly comprised of Rory’s made videos.

Rory’s talent quickly caught the attention of other stars who began inviting him along tours to make video content.

Learning, making, and doing… it was the start of the path he had always envisioned.

What Rory is Doing Now

This wonderful combination of creative media and a global lifestyle makes for such popular content. Rory’s work is both uniquely inspiring as it is an authentic expression of himself.

Currently, Rory is leaning into his flow. Rory’s “flow states” are those moments like dropping into a wave or diving into the ocean. Your mind doesn’t wonder about tomorrow or stress about yesterday. You’re absolutely 100% focused on the present moment.

Flow can come from creative work to physical movements like diving off a cliff.

Filming Rory and making this collection had all kinds of incredible stunts involved.

It’s obvious to us that Rory loves what he does.

Creating the Collection

Just a year ago it was an idea, a dream. Co-Founder @cole came up with the idea to shoot this collection underwater in the ocean. Co-Founder @markbrazil thought they were crazy. How would the artwork sink? How does Rory hold his breath that long? What’s this going to cost?

Jeff Cole knew, “You can’t go forward without risks. Crazy is only crazy until you do it.”

After hours in the ocean with half a dozen determined strangers working together, the team turned crazy into reality.

He’s human too. He feels fear. He explains, “The key is acknowledging your fear of the unknown and jumping in anyway.”

That quote by Rory is the perfect reminder for how and why we did this collaboration.

Shout out to Rory and the team for creating this inspirational collection.

"Chase The Unknown" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK


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The Rory Kramer Collection

Written by: Conor Murnane

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