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Jay Shetty x IKONICK

“Reading changes your mind and applying changes your life.” - Jay Shetty

Who is Jay Shetty?

He’s a man who has gone through great measures to truly find the best version of himself. Jay Shetty is an icon of our generation.

He’s amassed millions of followers across multiple platforms by telling inspiring and thought-provoking stories. Jay is a media machine that can weave insightful lessons with emotional short stories.

Jay is originally from London, has traveled all over the world and spent many Summers in India.

He’s a student – more like teacher – of behavioral science and ancient wisdom. At the age of 22, he decided that he would literally live as a monk for 3 years of his life.

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How He Got Started

When most people are fresh out of business school, they tend to go the typical route. Suits, cubicles and a life of corporate commitment. That wasn’t for Jay.

Although his parents dreamt of him being a doctor or an engineer, he was interested in studying philosophy and finding his purpose.

He had the self-awareness and self-confidence to pursue what he felt was right for him. This was the beginning of his path to becoming the success that he is today.

In 2016, Jay began creating videos and content. His energy and messages were so infectious that his content was shared across social media and news outlets all over the world.

“My videos are based on real life experiences,” Jay says.

He’s authentically connecting with people and understanding their problems. His Facebook page has 25M followers and has received billions of views.

But the quantity of people being reached isn’t all that matters. Jay advises, “The more you go to the depth of the problem you are trying to solve, the higher your company will grow.” This explains why his videos are so moving and inspiring.


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What’s Ahead for Jay Shetty

He speaks at and partners with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Nasdaq, Snapchat, Huffpost, National Geographic and more.

Now, he’s a host, storyteller, viral content creator and experiment maker. Jay calls it “Making wisdom go viral.”

He’s going deeper with his audience. He plans to work on live events, courses, books and media shows. All continuing to inspire a generation and provoke compassionate conversations.

His newly created podcast, On Purpose, features his very own wife on the first episode. For the first time ever, Jay Shetty interviewed his wife, Radhi Shetty. They discuss health, happiness and the elements of a successful relationship.

A mission of his is to make people’s lives better and it’s clear he’s well on that path.


"It Only Takes 1 Yes For Success" Motivational Canvas Art by IKONICK


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Written by: Conor Murnane


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