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IKONICK x Frankhavemercy

Early Bird

Our newest collaboration features Frankhavemercy, an emerging Los Angeles based photographer and film director. He is methodical about the moods of his work. The presence of raw emotion and feeling is apparent in each piece regardless of the art medium. The methodical artist gives excellent thought to overall tones and composition. His short films and editorial photography stem from a similar spirit and space. Producing art by creating elaborate mood boards for every project he commits to.


Frank has been a good friend of the IKONICK family for a while. One of his story photos featured the caption "early bird gets the Lambo" which inspired this one 1 piece collab.lab.

The IKONICK team along with Frank are early risers that all agree one thing; putting in the hours is where you get the advantage to set yourself apart. Early Bird” is a piece that gives individuals the motivation to wake up and chase their dreams daily.


Early Bird | IKONICK x Frank Have Mercy

"Early Bird" Canvas Art by IKONICK



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