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Hustle Hack #1: Visual Reminders

Hustle Hack #1: Visual Reminders



No matter how well you set up your to-do list and calendar, at the end of the day, you need to execute these tasks. Sometimes we need a lot of pushing at first, but eventually, we build up enough momentum that doing what needs to be done becomes a habit — not an exception.

The Power of Habit

A habit is any act we engage in automatically without consciously thinking about it. A prime example, one we are almost all guilty of, checking our phones as soon as we wake up. Anything you do long enough becomes an ingrained behavior or task. The habits we have can be good or bad. Similar to how the majority of us allow Netflix to be an unproductive habit. Just like having ‘one chip,’ you never watch just ‘one episode.’ Getting to replace poor habits with beneficial ones can be a chore! Once you’ve replaced the unproductive habits, the new productive one will be just as hard to break as the old one was.

The Triggers

A trigger is anything that you put “in your way” to motivate and keep you on task. If you want to instill positivity, try placing a daily reminder in a spot you’ll see it every day. If you’re a workaholic like us, perhaps your office is the place to put a visual quote. Remember why you started every time you ask yourself if all the hours are worth it. Put these reminders in your obvious path to remind you to do whatever it takes.

Attitude Builders

Providing visual stimulating messages can drip-feed positive attitudes into yourself, colleagues, and employees. Placing words and inspirations in commonly accessible areas of the workplace or even home environments can help build a more positive culture within the space. Place it in a direct line of sight and you will feel more obligated to not let yourself down.

Remind yourself to Perform

Life’s going to get in the way. You will lose enthusiasm. When motivation and willpower begin to fade, having that visual cue to keep going can be useful. Its function is to let you know that it’s GO time. That way, you don’t have to rely upon mustering up the motivation out of nowhere.

  1. You see the visual cue.
  2. You just get up and DO IT.
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