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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Her Lips Pop Art

How do you stand out from the crowd? Grab people’s attention? Show them that you’re something else?
Beauty is being different from the others. It exemplifies originality. Beauty is confidence and uniqueness. There is no better way to express beauty, confidence, and uniqueness than through art. Modern art that is sexy and eye-catching is a trendy way to decorate a blank wall and express individualism.  Sleek and stylish. Bold and beautiful. It’s an art that represents the energy and emotion of the youth while still being classy and retro like Marilyn Monroe. Canvas lip art embodies this culture perfectly.
It is a statement piece. It is an art that defines power and desire. Sexuality and seduction.
In addition, there are so many colors and prints used on lip art, it makes it easy to find something for anyone. There are many reasons why lips are a top choice when picking modern wall art.
Here are the 4 reasons why you should get her lips pop art.
"Marble Lips | Diamond Lips | Graffiti Lips" Lips Artwork Collection by IKONICK

Lips Pop Art Is Trending

Pop art has become popular again after making its first debut in the 1950s.  At that time, images of lips were among the many styles of pop art with most of the lips being bright shiny red. 
The bright red lip art carried through the ’70s and into the '80s. Think Rolling Stones. Their popular “tongue and lip” logo is iconic for what lip art means today. And now, we are seeing it again. Only this time, lips pop art is even bolder and eye-catching.
Contemporary style mixed with creative artists from all over the world. The variations are endless. Lips have long been a focus within our culture and society. From rock and roll to sex appeal. This has been around for ages. Metallic and cash money are some of the many variations of popular lip color and prints that are popular. 
Also, biting lips, slightly parted lips, and lips with tongue. All are huge symbols of seduction and desire. This could be the perfect statement piece for anyone’s room, studio, gym or office.
"Donut Lips" Canvas Art by IKONICK

Lips Art Is Sexy 

Sex and sexuality can be very taboo. Displaying art that symbolizes sensuality and sex is bold and daring. It is powerful and trailblazing. 
Sex appeal is attractive to everyone. It gives the feeling of influence and desire.  Sometimes even the feeling of wanting something you can not have. Something that is just out of reach.
This, in turn, can create the ambition and drive you are looking for to be successful. The motivation you need to go out and get what you can not have.  The drive to work harder and dream bigger to grab what has been just out of reach.
Combining desire with sex appeal creates even more push to succeed.  
There are so many ways to get creative here as well. You can add inspirational quotes, popping bright colors, added symbols and more. 
Bundle or stack three or more canvases together on a larger wall. Mix a picture of bright bold colored lips with a picture of metallic lips. The options are endless.

"World Class Taste" Money Lips Canvas Art by IKONICK


Pop Art Lips is Timeless and Carries a Message

Since the start of lips art in the 1950s, it has continued to be a popular way to decorate a room. Art that is trendy and timeless is like hitting a grand slam.
Choices between the original bright red lip or the more modern look of prints and bold bright colors gives it the ability to express originality for anyone. Whether it is in the home or in an office, lips art will set you apart from the crowd. It brings together class and style in an elegant and bold fashion. Bringing a wall to life.
Lips art is spirited and feminine. It is the symbol for word of mouth. It means we have something to say - a bold message through modern visual art. It brings intrigue to the viewer and paints a picture of your story. 
Even just symbols combined with the lips like fire, music, money, gold and more…These all carry a message.

"Businessman" Edgy Fashion-Forward Art | IKONICK x SOPHODES


Lips Canvas Art Defines Individuality

Looking to stand out? Looking for a way to express individuality? 
IKONICK has the best selection of lips canvas art. From gold to money signs and rose pedals, there’s a vibe for every person. These lips will inspire and stir emotion.
The biggest component of individuality is confidence.  Having the confidence to be who you truly are. Your unapologetic self. As Maxime Lagacé said, “Every time I became too confident, life reminded me I should not.” You can not be overconfident.
How can we create reminders for confidence? How can we be different from everyone else? It’s time to stand out. A reminder to always be hungry. A reminder that confidence and individuality are sexy. 
Once we can accomplish this, we can then be truly happy. And it is happiness that makes us beautiful. Lips canvas art will do this. Lips canvas art creates the reminder we need. The reminder to push the boundaries, to be confident in ourselves and to never stop dreaming.
Check out the latest pieces that are hot and trending.
"Butterfly Lips" Canvas Art by IKONICK
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