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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Money Art

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Money Art

Before breaking down what "Money Art" is and how to get the best - here are a few reasons about why you should get it.

  1. Law of Attraction.  The law of attraction is the belief that whatever thoughts you put out into the universe, will in turn come to fruition. Whether it be positive or negative vibes, whatever energy we give will come true. Continuously thinking about something happens before it becomes real. With that said, money art is a great way to keep those positive money thoughts flowing. It can play a key role in making your goals and drive to be successful actually come true.
  2. Symbolism.  Money is a symbol for many things. Wealth, power, value, and comfort are just a few of its symbols. Whether it be in the home or in the office, having money art on the walls is a great way to make you feel rich and in control. Having these symbols in the space where you are trying to be innovative and creative is the perfect way to guarantee success. It is easy to lose track of the end goal or the “why” for ambition, but with money art there is a continuous motivating visual to stay in the right mindset.  
  3. Inspiration.  Money art sparks inspiration. Inspiration is imperative in becoming successful. Filling a blank wall with inspiration and motivation is the first step in creating the life you want to live. Inspiration is derived from seeing something that ignites energy and passion. Money art does just that. It's the reminder of our ambition. The reminder that you can do absolutely ANYTHING you want. 

Rubberband Racks

"Rubberband Racks" Money Canvas Art by IKONICK  

What is Money Artwork?

Money artwork is a printed, painted, or drawn artwork including currency. It has become a very popular way to decorate a room with a modern and elegant style.
Money artwork can be a picture of actual cash money. It can be a picture that symbolizes money such as a bag of money or coins. It can even be IKONICK’s popular monopoly canvas artwork. Either way, money artwork should be a leading choice when looking to add inspiring style to a room. 
How Boggs defined money art:
James Stephen George Boggs started making money art after a waitress accepted one of his drawings of a one-dollar bill as payment for his meal. He then started drawing one sided art pieces of currency and using it as a way of real currency. He would only trade the piece of artwork for its true face value. So, if he drew a $100 bill, then he would use it in exchange for $100 worth of goods. 
His innovative art, called “Boggs Notes”, started taking off and people eventually began paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for one piece of his money art. Now, money artwork is a very popular and common art type that is being used not only in homes but also in offices.  
Fortunately, it is much easier to find more affordable money art pieces, with a larger variety than “Boggs Notes”. An opportunity to really choose a statement piece that reflects who you are as an individual. 
Expensive Taste

"World Class Taste" Money Lips Canvas Art by IKONICK


Currency Art Trending

Currency art has quickly become one of the most popular fine arts.  Modern and bold.  Inspiring and classy. It is no wonder that it is a top decision for adding the perfect piece to an empty wall in a home or office.
It encompasses more than just American currency, and includes currency worldwide. It can reflect not only the culture of that currency but also the political and policy current or historical events. A chance to really showcase your values and beliefs.
In today’s society, it is looked at as bold and trailblazing to really stand strong in your own beliefs and in being your authentic self. Currency art is perfect to help achieve this.  
Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

"Money Doesn't Buy Happiness" Money Canvas Art by IKONICK 


IKONICK's Money and Monopoly Art

If you are looking for the perfect money art, then IKONICK has the best and biggest selection of canvas pieces. Whether it be a picture of actual cash money or their popular monopoly pictures, IKONICK has something for everyone.
Their art is modern and timeless and can fill any blank wall with the symbols of power, wealth, and motivation. The money art canvases ignite energy and ambition. They are visually pleasing while also inspiring and captivating.
The art pieces range from pictures of Benjamin Franklin, $100 bills, and original inspirational quotes, to a combo of two or more of these images. 
The monopoly canvas collection is completely original. IKONICK takes original parts of the game and adds a modern twist. You can’t help but feel inspired to succeed when looking at these pieces. They voice a message of encouragement and enthusiasm with a playful and classy style.
Monopoly - Rent Due
"Monopoly - Rent Due" Officially Licensed Monopoly Canvas Art by Ikonick
Ultimately, if you are looking for the perfect money art piece for your space, IKONICK will exceed all expectations. It will be hard to just choose one art piece.    
If you're looking for that perfect canvas piece to help secure the bag -